Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beware for mass number of pictures :3

Time has taken a toll and now I'm going to post about the Bunkasai Night which literally means Cultural Festival that was held for quite a long time ago. Gonna celebrate and revive my half dead blog :D To start my post lemme see, ahh yes...the let me talk about going there first since it was a last minute decision. Ja called me a day before the actual Bunkasai Night so I've got to rush and I don't have a camera to use so the quality of the pictures after this may kinda be crappy >_>

The entrance looks kinda grand but the number of stalls they have....i think can count with 2 hands 10 fingers >_> Went there quite early around 4pm and met a lot of Ja's friends but I still don't know them well nor do I remember their names. This is generally how it looks like :3 Look like normal festival don't ya think? :D

Went to walk around to search for stuff and it happens that I saw a few cosplayer there not bad looking but...I never thought there will be people cosplaying so many Bleach characters there >_> Not much happened there though to tell the truth, just taking pictures of those cosplayers and also with those cosplayers and some performance. The music performance did not live up to my expectation as I was hoping for more J-rock songs instead of those anime songs but oh well...can't expect too much. Lo and behold! The power of pictures >_>

This is what you call the power of Shunpo! Didn't know real life can do shunpo also :3

Not what you had expected eh? Renji playing Violin!
Took a chance to take a pic with the cosplayers >_>
And that's ja with the cosplayers as well xD
Rukia o.O
Again Rukia >_>

And well...the most unexpected picture that I took will definitely be this...I doubt anyone would've even expect that this anime would be there projected :D

Heh if still don't know what anime...it's Lucky Star! xD
Now I know how famous is the Lucky Star that I enjoy watching lolz.

I guessed that's all for Bunkasai Night. I'ma have to look for something special to post on my blog soon. >_> No more dead blog :D Rejoice Rawr xD