Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Start of a new life

Yes, that's right the start of a new life. This life of mine that's filled with nothing but wasting time. Now, ever since my first class started I have been enjoying my time so much. To think that once again I'm enjoying my classes / lectures is really...unexpected. Intercultural communication lecturer resembles the teacher I had when I took EST last time.

I'm guessing this 4 years down the road, I'll be enjoying my time all the way except once in a while spending more time doing other things. To have an aim, the resolution to do what I should do. Chances of posting more stuff up on this blog is gonna be low considering how I'm going to be spending my time now. One thing for sure, I'm definitely looking forward towards end of the year.

Trips, to other places with my friends will never be boring nor will it be gone because no matter what we will work it out somehow! Believe in one self. To have faith is what it takes...I wonder how much will I change now.