Friday, March 18, 2011

Rofl today is really a weird day for me lmao

First I end up waking up at 6am + to prepare and go out for basketball. Result : Basketball session finished earlier than expected. Still ok but then later on towards the afternoon it was so D:< when I fetched my mum to connaught, the bank was filled with people and then the cars double park and craps like that.

Makes me QQ so much about those drivers double parking there. To make things worse I'm suppose to go to McD like around 3pm but -.- Fail bank delayed till I reached McD around 4pm aoiaheroashroas8^!@*!%@*#$!@*#!@($!@(#$@!#$!@#$!*

One thing for sure I had fun time there lol. Then drove to ZY's house for jogging later on but...the weather looks like it's gonna rain anytime and it was slightly drizzling. Kinda wait for 5-10 minutes for the drizzle to stop then start to jog. Well, best part of all was one particular conversation I had with JW's just too epic I need to just post this on my blog and ensure that I can have this quoted no matter what lol...

"without alcohol u r drunk" quoted by someone lol.

Man, this sentence rly made my day and gave me a smile lol.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Beginning!

Once I settle all my stuff I will finally be going to Segi =o Sad part is...end of the year or so I may not even have the time to go holiday. Sigh. Makes me feel so #&$!@#$!@#$!*@$#*$!@^#!*@#$!*@$ because it's gonna be time to work my ass off to buy the phone I want and then remaining would be saved up into fixed deposit aioehrioahrashrahoih.

This is so not gonna be fun. Hectic lifestyle...mundane...what else is there to describe the new life of mine soon?

Meh this is another song that I kinda love too. Title would be Love Call.

With lyrics =o


何も見えない 暗闇の中で
見つけたんだ 小さな光を
私は歩いていく もう迷わない

何も聞こえない 喧騒の中で
見つけたんだ 小さな声を
私は歌う メロディが 空へいっぱいに

心はあなたに 続いてる
今すぐ 会いたい 感じたい温もりを
世界が満たされる 光で

どこにいても 感じるよ 声を

涙があふれる 孤独な心に
見つけたんだ 小さな愛を
私は思う 歌声が どこまでも響く
I love you…

たとえつまづいて 疲れきっても
地図のない道に ゴールが見えなくても
進むよ目の前を 見つめて
辿り着くよ あなたの所へ

心はあなたに 続いてる
いつでも 会いたい 感じたい温もりを
世界が満たされる 光で

どこにいても 感じるよ 愛を



In a darkness where I couldn't see anything,
I found a small light.
I walk on, no longer afraid.
May it reach straight to you...

In a noise where I couldn't hear anything,
I found a small voice.
The melody I sing reaches into the sky,
spreading far and wide.

My heart continues to you.
I want to meet you right now, and feel your warmth.
The world is filled with light.

No matter where you are, I can feel your voice.
This is my love call,
to you...

In my lonely heart, where the tears overflow,
I found a small love.
The singing voice I imagine echoes everywhere...
I love you...

Even if I stumble, and am exhausted,
even if I can't see the goal past this road with no map,
I will carry on, looking ahead.
I will reach the place where you are.

My heart continues to you.
I want to meet you always, and feel your warmth.
The world is filled with light.

No matter where you are, I can feel your love.
This is my love call,
to you...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just be friends Choucho~

This is another song I actually like. The song sang by Choucho although the orignal is by vocaloids. Not from any japanese group, animation or games.

As for the answer to the 2 sentence on my fb, it's actually from this song itself as well.

最も辛い 選択がベスト。

I knew at the very depths of my heart
The hardest choice is the best choice. Some goes with painful so yeah. Beginning to take liking towards Choucho's singing and Hanatan as well.

Friday, March 4, 2011


The dreams are becoming more and more I'm getting more and more of these weird dreams -_-

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Such a weird way to wake up, woke up from a dream within a dream! Worse of all in that particular dream I had something that made me faint, then get electrified till I wake up wtf? I could even feel the electric feeling in my dream wtf D:<

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How would you feel if I pester you and tell you the same thing over and over again everyday? Sometimes life just don't go your way and that's that. The life is yours and the fate is controlled by yourself.

Need some motivation...the need to be enlightened. This whole year, I've had too much of dreams. Sweet, sad, death, happiness and love but why now? Why this year? Worse of me embraced by nothing but dreams alone is sad. Have been dreaming so frequently that I felt it's not real anymore. The only dreams I get last time would be once a year or sometimes not even once? Not to mention whenever I dream, I get deja vu after that.

None of the dreams came true anymore now, all of them is but a dream. A dream that comes every few weeks or perhaps every week instead of deja vu from any of the dreams I dreamt of. One thing for sure, I'd definitely not want the dream about those close to me dying. Not a pleasant experience, never would I want that to happen again. And I actually dreamt of someone facing cancer and death before and it both came true. Luckily, or should I say sadly that none of the dreams I face now came true anymore. Not sad nor happy. Though I'm dreaming more dreams that are good, and once in a while sad but it's not good.

Too much things are going on in my mind and nothing is working out exactly like what I want it to be. If only I have the power to control everything, even a wish would be good. Thinking of these things will only lead me back to zero. The origin. There's nothing to be proud of at all, no achievement, no nothing. I wish I did something that changed my whole life at one point. Something I can be proud of. I have done so many things but none of them are something I can be proud of. All of them, every each of them I eventually stopped. Lack of motivation, loneliness begin to grow, larger and larger but I can't stop it. I must occupy myself with something no matter what, but what is the particular thing I must occupy with?

Decisions decisions, gah screw decisions. My life's just like this. A never ending loop. Loops forever like the infinity symbol.