Friday, March 18, 2011

Rofl today is really a weird day for me lmao

First I end up waking up at 6am + to prepare and go out for basketball. Result : Basketball session finished earlier than expected. Still ok but then later on towards the afternoon it was so D:< when I fetched my mum to connaught, the bank was filled with people and then the cars double park and craps like that.

Makes me QQ so much about those drivers double parking there. To make things worse I'm suppose to go to McD like around 3pm but -.- Fail bank delayed till I reached McD around 4pm aoiaheroashroas8^!@*!%@*#$!@*#!@($!@(#$@!#$!@#$!*

One thing for sure I had fun time there lol. Then drove to ZY's house for jogging later on but...the weather looks like it's gonna rain anytime and it was slightly drizzling. Kinda wait for 5-10 minutes for the drizzle to stop then start to jog. Well, best part of all was one particular conversation I had with JW's just too epic I need to just post this on my blog and ensure that I can have this quoted no matter what lol...

"without alcohol u r drunk" quoted by someone lol.

Man, this sentence rly made my day and gave me a smile lol.