Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life has never been so dull

So what have I been doing these days? This question can be answered so easily but nonetheless shows that I'm becoming more and more of a hermit it seems. I need to break free from this cycle but I can't do so until I start studying again while looking for a part time job as well.

SC2 / PS2 and reading books are my life now, lack of motivation indeed kills. What else other than rotting at home? So wish to find a job get some money and buy the stuff I want. Then save up all for future use. Sadly, things never go the way I want.

I need a will, a resolution to do what I want to do. I haven't been updating my own blog for a month now but this by itself already portray the kind of person I am. To those enjoying their life, I'd congratulate them. To those that aren't enjoying them, it's time for you to move on and start to do things to enjoy your life.

Big question indeed, what should I do now? I'm feeling so clueless and thinking too much these days. Having dreams are usually because of thinking too much or stressed up but apparently I've been having dreams 3-4 days straight in a row every week. How bad is that I wonder. Hmm...

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