Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bah it's been a long time since I've ever ever updated my blog >_> Time for me to update now but Bunkasai Night or in English Cultural Night ( Japan there they consider it as Japanese Cultural Festival and it's usually held at their school with a lot of events stalls and stuff like that but too bad we don't have anything similiar to that! Their events are way too different compared to ours and they work hard to make it successful as well compared know =\ ) will be later on as I'm occupied with a lot of stuff. Another thing that is bothering me is there is not one blogskin that I like at all so I'll have to resort to this layout for now D: Guess have to start learning more about html, css and javascript codes stuff if I want to make my own blogskin. Sigh. Gonna take time learning it but it's definitely gonna benefit me this way ~_~

Not to mention, final exams are coming soon too T_T So it means...I on hiatus for quite a while till sem break prolly =3 Post may be short but this is just to tell you guys out there what I had been doing for MIA for so long ~_~ Too obsessed with my life I presume. I'll end it for now as I still have stuff to do and I'm sooooo sorry for not updating it frequently >_<

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally can relax a bit more =3

Finally finished 2 test which is Econs and Comp studies. Yesterday enjoyed some of my time with a friend that I knew from GG client and well he goes by the nick kyo =3 We were chatting about songs etc but till one part when we talk about anime...we decided to act like how the anime characters always talk with each other. From the anime of Rosario to Vampire, I proudly present Kyo to Krieg! =D

Lucky I made a lot of friends at GG lol. Those that share the same interest really have a lot ~_~ Sigh, still got 2 more assignments to finish and SPM result will be coming out next week D: Scared yet eager to get it =3 Gonan end here though

Monday, March 2, 2009

Time for an update =D

It's been weeks since I've ever updated my blog due to the busy schedule I have =3 Very very sorry D: When I'm free from school works I either mail/reply Lam (This fella always consider himself being busy for nothing, even when I call him he's free enough to play cards with his friends when the bill charged is for oversea D:) or enjoy myself lazing around watching one jdrama that was introduced by a friend of mine that I know from GG client and the title is Ryuusei no Kizuna.

Though it may be kinda old as it was out around last year October but still I find this story interesting. Now I'm up for Akai Ito in which a friend of mine introduced to me too :D Heard the story is a romance story so I decided to pick up this drama and start watching since it's been quite a while ever since I watch romance story. Especially drama. Here's a picture for people that is interested in what will the show banner look like =\

May not look interesting but never ever judge a book by it's cover ;) Not all movies can get your attention when you just watched the first episode. Takes a few episode to make a person start digging for more! xD Here's a bit of synopsis that I'll take from Wikipedia ;D

Synopsis : Based on the popular novel of the same name, Ryusei no Kizuna tells the story of three orphans, whose parents were murdered long ago. Together, the three vowed on a shooting star to one day avenge their parents. After many years, the two brothers have found the murderers, and are set to carry out their plan for vengeance when they realize they've made a serious miscalculation.

Well the show is packed with comedy as well so don't be afraid that it may be boring :P Bah enough of that, my life is just the same as secondary school life just that can't spend my time going out to hang kai etc as much as last time. Not what I had expected and academic wise they are teaching at the speed of light o_O Giler fast. So fast gonna cover all the chapters dy for a few subs. ~_~ Really have to learn to treasure time for time and tide waits for no man ><

Maybe when I'm free enough to take a few pictures I'll update my blog with the pictures as well xD For the moment enjoy the new Miku widget that I just added into my blog =D