Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally an outing with my mates again xD

As usual, I'm the one always arrives the destination first just to buy tickets. Man I never thought that the queue was so frigging long -_-" I thought Valentine's Day which was yesterday, was over but I seriously never thought the day after that there were so many people there trying to buy tickets to watch movie D: Though this time, the people that I went out with were different. Hans, ZL, SK, Ivan and the worse but not the worst Hon Sim :D

Went to Borders in hope for searching the novel Kara no Kyoukai but it doesn't seem that they have it at all. How I wish I can get my hands on that book!!! If there isn't a translated version for it then sigh, worse come to worse just read it everyday from baka-tsuki site D: Shucks. Oh and the Borders computer changed the way to search for books already. Compared to last time, it's not that user friendly. The first time I tried to search for a book, I've got headache trying to find one using the comp until I had a sneek peek at how other people search
Well this movie I think for people that would want to enjoy a special story with a special story line then I'd definitely suggest you should watch this. It's an interesting movie though it's kinda boring for a bit for talking a bit too much. I'd rate it a 7.5/10 because of the story. Who would imagine that the baby that you'd like to have would be looking like a very old person with all kinds of symptoms showing that the baby is already 80 years old? Even the real father dumped the baby away in which I find that it's not the right thing to do >< As days go on and on, he begins to grow up mentally but physically becoming younger. No one would be able to imagine that a person would be born physically old but die physically young ~_~ The story goes on and explains how the person actually grows until he totally loses all his memory. It's really a tragic romance story. It's kinda hard to explain this whole story out though but I find that it's hard to find stories like this nowadays. There's one part where a blind person actually made a clock to function the other way in hope that people that had passed away last time would come back to their dearest ones.

Overall I find that this movie will definitely make people to think more about their lives if they watch this movie =D Later on went to Sushi King to eat with them except Han in which he gtg. Too bad everyone have to chao after eating there D: Wish we got more time to spend with friends around to enjoy, chit chat and stuff. Everyone is so busy after they finished their SPM. Kinda miss last time now. Sorry this post doesn't contain a lot of pictures though =3 This wed will be the time to pawn the Chemistry paper D: Was owned by the Physics paper last Sat while for Maths it would be so-so. Not even sure if my answer would be correct or not. Sigh. Life kinda sucks. Feeling so melancholic right now @@
Anyway good luck to everyone in what they do =) I'ma chao and sleep. May update it some time later =3

Monday, February 9, 2009

A lil bit of update =3

It's been quite a while since I updated my blog so I'ma keep my blog alive by updating it ~_~ For everyone's information, my test is just around the corner so I'm lacking of time to go out, have any fun activities or even watch movies so my life is kinda dull and boring. Worse of all, I'm having Maths and Physics test on Valentine's day which is next week's Saturday so...kinda sucks to know that I have test on that day though I do not have a gf to go out with =\

Now I'm lacking of motivation to study or even play games for some reason. Maybe it's just the typical me as Jing always tell me ~_~ But definitely, I have the motivation to learn how to play piano just that I can't find anyone to teach me piano. I'm not planning to spend any money to go to Guitar Store to learn as it's expensive >_<>

Sunday, February 1, 2009

BBQ party at Han's house

This post is specially updated because ZL keep pestering me to update my post for Han's party =X Well it was on Thursday in which it's after my Chemistry Lecture at UTAR. The lecture went on smoothly and normally but the only problem is the bus driver came late to fetch us to Asia Jaya station. Think he forgot about the time totally. Went to take train all the way to the Pandan Jaya station and find Han to fetch me =3 Thanks for waiting me over there Han XD

Since I'm early, we've got nothing to do other than chit chat and syok sendiri there playing with comp and going out to get the things that are needed for the BBQ party.

Han the boss in the house trying to get Zi Liang to go to his house as early as he can but instead, I'm the one persuading him after a while and the bad thing is, it's raining and we can't raise fire nor do anything about it at all. Only can pray the rain would end as soon as possible in which it didn't. About an hour or so shopping for aluminium foil etc, we went back to his house and wait for the others to come. ZL and Sheong Ken came slightly late. Around 6+.

This is where we put our shoes and stuff but I didn't know this place can be used to put plants -_-" Han promised us that we don't need to do anything but just wait for food but oh well, poor SK forced to do something as soon as he reached there =3 His mum asked him to put up the table etc for drinks and stuff so he set up the table but...

He's too happy till he forget that he still have to put something extra on the table =3 Poor SK, he shouldn't be doing those things for Han at all =\

SK ain't happy with what happened at all it seems o.O Notice the DUBAI word on his shirt? ZL bought for him but not for me and Han at all D: So unfair of him =X Lucky the charcoals and bricks we don't need to do anything, here's a glimpse at what they did after we set up the table.

Notice the ground, it's all wet thanks to the rain, took a pic of Han's bro with all his friends as well. His bro is trying to command people to do like his servant it seems o.O

And now Han is pissed off and just do according to what his bro said!

He's so hardworking :\ Helping all of us to move the charcoal from one place to another. This is the new place to raise fire using the charcoals :D

A lot of people are looking at it and not even helping out D: Only a few people are trying to get it into position and raise fire. Well I'm not one to say anything because all I do was taking photos only =X Really pity SK, he got to make sure the charcoal is positioned nicely.

And Ginny did some crazy stuff there...

Who would have imagine that she'd try to drink kerosene? Lol. Notice her hand near her mouth =X Maybe she thought the bottle is filled with water instead of kerosene? Wonder what she thinks about the taste of kerosene o.O

Now she's telling everyone around there about the taste of kerosene o.O Some of them never paid any attention to her at all I think because drinking kerosene is not something a human should do =\ (Ginny please don't kill me for making the whole thing up xP)

Now here's the real action o.O She finally poured a bit of kerosene in and Chee Hoe started the fire xD Well, it was still early so, me, SK, ZL, and Han went back into Han's computer room and played poker cards and, I managed to take a picture of ZL syok sendiri with the cards :P

ZL shuffling the cards like a pro while SK WTF-ed at his own style of shuffling the cards =X Bah that's just showing off, now is the real deal =3 We sat down and let the game commence :D

Observe the cards...ZL as the host is trying to cheat his way to win us D:

SK playing like a pro =X

That was our last round before we went out to get ourselves food! But unfortunately, we have to cook etc by ourselves there. So...we went to SK's house to get the stuff that is needed to raise the fire etc :D

See the reason why? Lol, too many people over there so we have to set up our own >_< L license be the driver not the P license =.=" Both waiting for SK to get their stuff =3

He bo song me for taking a picture of him btw =X

The picture was nice to begin with until, ZL suddenly bend down and show us his butt =.=" Who wants to see his butt la weih D: Some more blue black >_< Seems that Han loves violence -.-" Using charcoal as a weapon to hit people! And now I shall let pictures do the talking :D Back to business! As we raise the fire! With fan I mean lol.

And now, it's the gang I'm always with in school ;)

Heh, now it's gaming time :P We had a game called COD, Circle Of Death ;) It's a great game and it's fun but I got the worse cards for the game >_<

Can't help but to catch ZL who's falling D: Ahhh doing sketch is just sooo ~_~

Another one D: Thought this one no one is falling down xD Well the game originally the drinks should be alcoholic drinks in my opinion but, we drank pepsi instead D: Ugh at the carbonated drink. Was forced to even drink half of the can without stopping :( Finished 2 cans of Pepsi darn fast. No need 5 minutes or 10 minutes =.="

After that we ended with a yum seng!! :D But we were drinking Pepsi and Yum seng like nothing lol.

Ty to ZL for taking that picture =D

Those are the number of tin cans everyone drank lol. Left 4 of us there and we played cards. Went home after that >_< Kinda late by then around 11p.m already. Anyway that's all for now. Have to stop online for a bit as test is just around the corner D: Take care everyone ;)