Friday, May 29, 2009


Going out again today to Mv, so I'm going to have heck lots of stuff to update. Everyday have been going out with not much time for me to blog. >_> Sorry for the lack of update D: Tomorrow I'm busy again sigh. Why wait last minute only so busy sia D: Will update as much as I can when I'm back xD

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My MSN most probably has been hacked so I'm looking for a way to claim my account back, till then I won't be able to contact anyone via msn, not even e-mail as I only get username or password is wrong. Will update my blog either tomorrow or Friday. Rage mode now = =" Unable to login to MSN when I need to login to ask stuff sucks. =(

Monday, May 25, 2009

An update before Nuwav Celebration~

In the end, 2 weeks spent on doing nothing but rotting at home and playing games regularly. Nothing to do at all, never get a chance to watch movie, never get a chance to go out to exercise, nothing! Totally bored me out so instead I found out a few stuff while I'm doing this crappy stuff >_>

I found this thanks to a friend of mine, related to high blood pressure, do check it out ;) And for those who watched the anime called Toradora, this is a good song for ya'll. If you listen to Japanese songs maybe you'd like this =\

And also a few nice piano songs for you guys to check it out =) Seriously it's nice. Nothing beats him x) May not be as calming as Yiruma and not as Grand as Beethoven and Mozart and so on but I think he's a great pianist :D

And last but not least

Something for Mizuki Nana Fans xD

I'll give you an example of what I do almost all the time >_>

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

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Yeah you guessed it right, it's o2jam D: Not particularly good in it yet since I've got friends that can play better than me. Can't even pass all the super omg hard songs~ Imageshack is kinda annoying though with those ads but oh well, that's the only hosting site that I know of which is fast and reliable. Since last Saturday a lot of stuff happened and I'm still quite tired after the whole day on Saturday, it's fatigue to be precise. I'll need more time to rest before blogging on it. Till then see ya xD

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Basically this post is specially made for a collection of poems from a Japanese game called Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. I find the poems somewhat meaningful and nice. So I'ma post all of 'em here :D Each poem is shown in the beginning of each chapter of the game.

"Please do not deplore yourself.
Even if the world does not forgive, I will forgive you.

Please do not deplore yourself.
Even if you do not forgive the world, I will forgive you.

So please tell me.
What will it take for you, to forgive me?"


Do you know what is the sin?
It isn't because you ate the forbidden fruit.

Do you know what is the sin?
It isn't because you listened to the serpent.

You still don't know what is the sin?
Then, that itself is your sin."


I cannot quench your thirst
Because even if you yearn for the truth, you refuse to believe in it.

I cannot quench your thirst
Because no such truth exists that you are in anticipation for.

But I still want to quench your thirst.
Because I am the one the that put you into the desert."


The most intricate thing to find in this world.
Is it a needle that you lost in the desert?

The most intricate thing to find in this world.
Is it a crow's feather that you lost in the darkness of the night?

The most intricate thing to find in this world is,
Realizing your own erroneous contemplation."


The frog in the well was happy.
It wasn't interested what was outside the well.

The frog in the well was happy.
It was recluse to anything that happened outside the well.

And you were happy.
Because you didn't know what occurred outside the well."


I was the most unfortunate.
I knew that there was no exit out of this maze.

Then, he was the next unfortunate.
He did not know that there was no exit out of this maze.

But all the rest weren't so unfortunate.
They didn't know that they were in the maze in the first place."


"So who is the culprit, you ask?
Finding that out is part of the story, right?

So who is the culprit, you ask?
Do you even know what is the culprit in the first place?

So who is the culprit?
Who is the culprit that's gonna kill me?!"


"What is it that I seek?
Perhaps it is a knight from a far away land.

What is it that I seek?
Perhaps it is a shore that will save me from this eternal swamp.

There is only one thing that I seek.
What I would obtain will either be the kishi (shore), or shiki (my death)."


The little girl cried when she lost her marbles in the desert.
She searched the desert for one hundred years.

The little girl cried when she thought she might've lost them in the sea rather than the desert.
She searched the depths of the sea for one hundred years.

The little girl cried when she thought she might've lost them in the mountains than the sea.
How long will it take till she begins to doubt whether or not she actually lost them to begin with?"


At the first time, I do my best to try again
against the inevitable tragedy.

In the second time, I become disgusted
towards the inevitable tragedy.

The third time, disgust is overwhelmed into painfulness.
But by the seventh time, this all becomes a farce comedy."


She wasn't discouraged nor did she cry at her fate.
She was beautiful.

She didn't fawn anyone and fought them all by herself.
She was noble.

She shined brightly, like a divine figure.
I needed someone like her."


To me, all of them means a lot,the poems by itself brings a lot of meanings and I really like the person who made it. So I shall end my post here. Will maybe post a poem that I make xD

Saturday, May 9, 2009

FSN Gathering

To those who have waited for a long time, I'm sorry lol for not updating as soon as possible. I know ya'll hunger for the pics but still it's a good blogging material for me as this is a once in a lifetime experience xD

The gathering was held last week on Sunday. This gathering is more or less erm, for those that plays the warcraft map Fate / Stay Night at GG there. So in Malaysia room, though there ain't a lot of people but well, still got people to actually make an outing, just that some can't come due to some circumstance. Well got a few fellas suggested the place but in the end never turn up so it's kinda sad to know that D: Bah, on that day lots of weird incidents happened. Worst was Jing's problem with the train lol. The train is currently facing some major deficiency, we are sorry for the inconvinience caused and we will try to fix this problem as soon as possible. Made him come to the lrt station late like...more than an hour >_> Ciri pulak was late for around 15-30 minutes. I'm the only one on time to Leisure Mall to wait for people. Malaysian timing rawks!

After all the ruckus caused by some weird events, we head to Sunway Pyramid. The place where the organizers did not turn up =.= Went there to meet up with those that actually came for the gathering who are bug, dc, cry and kahye3. Keeping their name anonymous unless they ask me to reveal their name here >_> First shot was taken at McD. 2 times in Mcd within 2 hours time, that sucks badly.

I know it's a bad shot, was eager to take pics as I have not used my sister's camera for a long time and walla! There you go I can't configure a few of the settings. D: To the left is bug, middle is ciri and to the right is ciri's gf :D

For some reason, each shot I take, Ciri's gf seems to be closing her eyes -_-"

We chit chat there for a long time till chi's gf tabbleh tahan need to go for shopping by herself >_> I'm so sorry if ya feel boring arh D: Dare not entertain unless chi says that it's safe for me to do so =X

Next stop, we went to the bowling alley as we can't make up our mind where to go. Archery etc, so many stuff but what comes to our mind since it's cheap will be bowling. Archery is expensive like uhhh, cost more than an arm and a leg so we decided bowling is still the best :3

The picture of bug, dc and blitz >_> Went to play for 2 games and it's like omg! Chit chat there while playing cause we only get ourselves 1 lane only with 4 people playing. Worse is that time, it seems like there's some award giving thingy at the bowling center. Anyway it's there will be a large amount of pictures coming xD

Bug with his special bowling style xD

If you observe properly, blitz's hands...looks like he's showing some girly hands =X

Dc with his jackets on throwing the ball, luckily he didn't trip =\

Blurry pic~ Not I take =X

For some reason I find this pose funny, as if he's doing the girl smexy pose xD

The hypa blitz and the raging dc >_>

This is the thingy that I mentioned earlier on, some freaky award giving thing.

A baby came to the bowling lane so I guess it must be because the baby is interested in bowling too at this age? :/

Some "Special" style in bowling the ball =X

Bug nearly fell down throwing the ball, don't ya think it's sad? :X

And there you go! A 3 point-shot from Blitz! Basketball style :D

And he shoots it!

But it heads to the drain >_> (He broke the blue ball so need a new golden ball)

This is the ending score for the 2nd game though. Sorry for the flash, should not flash lol. Forgot to take a pic of the first round score @@

After we finished bowling + chit chat over there, we headed to find cry at the pool area which is just above the bowling area. Found cry and kahye3 there. Ciri came to meet up with us and go to the pool area since he got some business with cry's friend @@ Later on we went to the arcade and the price for 1 token is like ugh! So freaking expensive >_> Rm1 per token wth? Usually we can get at the price of Rm0.50, call me cheap or whatever but an extra Rm0.50, we can play more than 2x of the same thing. :( Surprisingly, the name of the arcade is kindaf same with one of our gg FSN kaki with the ign of cyccheng.

Surprising ain't it? xD
The looks of the arcade, looks scary eh? :3

Despo of cheap shooting games, Time Crisis 4 expensive -_-" So bug resort to playing this..
Lol, a super old version of Time Crisis which is Time Crisis II xD

Dc is always filled with evil intention, trying to kill his own team mate by shooting at his head D:

We spend almost an hour plus at the arcade there shooting non stop at virtual stuff >_> Too intense and addictive lol. Ciri really spent his time with his gf shopping till he needs more time for like around half an hour D: Because ciri ditched us....we get:

2 emo fella there waiting for their gay partner to be back =X Since we've got nothing to the end this happened D:

Bug threatened me T_T So I had to show the face where I'm very scared >_>

This is what you get when bug threatens you and you don't wana obey >_> Gays in action! Can't blame him, hormones are raging =\

After we got impatient waiting for ciri, we happen to find this though o.O
Some events where they wear the particular clothes to promote that brand =\

Not too shabby xD After we gave him another call, we got tired standing and walking and we head to Wendy's to eat. Tiring day indeed for us. After eating we just went home seperately each with their own way =3 I shall end this post with the best pic among all the other pic I took =X

Nice couple don't ya think? ;) Sorry for the flash ya forgot to off it >_< Anyway cheers ^^

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taggity tag >_> Ish Cass made me update with tag D:

1. The person that tagged you is: Cassandra

2. Your relationship with her is: I don't wana comment, anything may happen after I comment :X

3. Your first impression of her is: A person that is umm...somewhat weird? >_>

4. The most memorable moments with her: Memorable moments? Hmm when was it I wonder, my memory phails D:

5. The most memorable thing she has said to you is: I guess it's this, "because we're Jan babies that's why we're alike".

6. If she becomes your lover, you will: Should I commit suicide or bang myself to dead? :D ( Jk Cass lol)

7. If she became your lover, what should she improve at: Her nature of saying sorry for no reason =.=

8. If she becomes your enemy, what would you do: I'll just call Daniel to help me out, case closed :D

9. If she becomes your enemy, the reason will be: Prolly will be me destroying some of her stuff.

10. The most desired thing you want to do for her now is: Pray that she can pass her Chem test? lol.

11. Your overall impression on her: Don't know for even a year and I start giving comments? uh uh not a good idea.

12. The characteristic you love most about yourself: Optimistic and Pessimistic at the same time >_>

13. The characteristic you hate most about yourself: Not able to achieve what I want.

14. The most ideal person you want to be is: Myself. I'd rather stay as myself rather than becoming someone else :3

15. For people that care and like you, say something to them: Thank you for supporting my blog all the way ^^ I'ma update more regularly now so check it out xD

16. Pass this quiz to 10 people who you want to know how they feel about you:

(1) Sugar sista
(2) Cindel
(3) Emily
(4) Eugene
(5) Pauline
(6) Edwin ----> You always ask for people to tag you so here, now I tag you =\
(7) Yin Shan
(8) Vicky
(9) Ai Sing
(10) Anyone who wish to do this tag to update their blog =x

17. Who is 6 having a relationship with: Sharon! :3

18. is 9 a male or female: Umm obviously female? Can't imagine if she's a male >_>

19. If 7 and 10 were together, would it be a good thing: Good luck Shan, hope 10 is not a girl not a bad guy =3

20. What is 2 studying at the moment: Secondary school? =.="

21. When was the last time you had a chat with 3: Ages ago. Like a month ago?

22. What kind of music does 8 like: Stalk her for more information ^^

23. Does 1 have any siblings: If she don't have I don't think so I'd call her my sugar sista >_>

24. Will you woo 3: I still want to live, she already have a bf D:

25. How about 7: Why does the impossible keep happening in this tag ==

26. Is 4 single: It's time you start to stalk him?

27. What's the surname of 5: Any privacy statement? I guess yes =3

28. What's the hobby of 5: Time to beg for some answer =3

29. Do 5 and 9 get along well: Don't even know each other how to get along?

30. Where is 2 studying at: This question really helps stalker a lot don't ya think :/

31. Say something casual about your eyes: Can I say beautiful? Pretty please? :D

32. Have you tried developing feelings for 5: Eeeeek dame dame >_> No can do :3 Bachelor FTW!

33. Where does 9 live: Intruding privacy is not a good thing.

34. What colours does 4 like: Prolly white? No idea, sorry to let you down Eugene lol =\

35. Are 5 and 1 good friends? What a coincidence they know each other!

36. Does 7 like 2: I can't imagine having lesbian friends so it's a no.

37. How did you get to know 2: Ja be a man, do the right thing!

38. Does 1 have any pets: Raid her house and you'll know :3

39. Is 7 the sexiest person in the world: ...I'm keeping this for myself ~_~