Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Best Day in this whole year! xD

On the 26th, there was a small gathering with school friends at Pavilion GSC entrance at 11a.m but oh well, Malaysian time...never punctual xD I myself am late too for the gathering though only Ryan is punctual. He reached there before 11 some more. I heard that Sharon got her and Pearly lost for a while that's why they are late o.O Wonder if that's true lol. Vivian reached there slightly late. Stand at the GSC entrance there deciding what movie to watch for quite a while until I called Cheah to confirm whether he's coming or not.

In the end we decided to watch YES Man. Everyone ate before going to Pavilion so we walked to the food court and checked out what to eat, Pastamania was Sharon's suggestion and the food there is really O_O! Sharon thought the 7-inch pizza would be super big and so will do pasta but...the food turns out to be this big only.

After almost finishing up all the food, we took a few pictures =3

We went to Sg.Wang after that to walk for a bit until Lam gave me a call telling me that he's on the way to Pavilion already and in the end I went back to Pavilion to find him. All of us meet up with Cheah, Ryan, Pearly, Sharon and Vivian after that and went to the toilet. Search for the toilet but ended up walking to a dead end =.='' Next time do not ever ever let Sharon lead the way =X We went to the cinema about 15 minutes early just to buy food and stuff but the SPRITE taste like...water! Totally tasteless. Don't know what did they do with the Sprite. Changed for Coke.

Overall I find the movie is nice. Giving it a 7/10 for the movie. As usual they have a few cut scenes in which a few of us are irritated with it. Definitely A must watch movie if you want to enjoy the laughter =D Went to the food court and thought of yum cha there until me, Cheah and Lam saw something that we shouldn't see. Ice kacang that resembles a person's private part -_-"

Anyway after that we bid each other farewell and proceed with our usual plan, go to Jing's house by Putra with Lam. Told Jing we'll be there by 6 and well, we're on time xD Met Su Yin at the Wangsamaju Putra station though. Waited for Xi Jing over there for about 10 minutes. And we still have to wait for his friend, if I'm not wrong. Her name is Stephanie. Went to Jing's house and I'm like wow! His living room got everything lol. Went and played poker in the living room with Jing, Ja, Lam and RY. Now I know why he can't play games once in a while during the night =X

Back to the topic, we were told that there will be no BBQ but there will be home made laksa! All of us were eager for it but it's last in the menu swt, fried rice and fried mee hoon came first. Oh not to mention they had 'muk zhuk' also. Kinda sweet though the taste >_< Saw a lot of familiar faces there though. Only a few I'm not that familiar with.

The birthday boy that we should not forget too :D

Doesn't seem like he had enough of food o_O
Jing I didn't know that you'd do those stuff...

Birthday boy waiting for the cake!

Mango Flavoured Cake. Not my cup of tea though @@
Birthday boy cutting the cake.

After that we went back into the living room and cleaned up the mess. We totally forgot about cleaning up the living room and we let Lam and RY to clean it up for us xD They are sooo good =3

Chatting became something normal then after they finished cleaning it up. Jing started to relax and lean on the floor.

Jin, you told all of us that the movie Hostel is one of the scariest horror movie you can ever find. Well, after watching the whole movie. Only me and Jing and his bro nothing =.='' Others are freaked out by the gorre lol. Lam's reaction is priceless too bad I never get to take a video of it. I still can remember what he did, he was lying on the sofa until one part where one of the person started to use a knife to cut away the 2 fingers on the main characters hands. He jumped out and screamed "Jesus that's just OMG!" He then proceed to his handphone which is quite far away from the TV, called Jin and said, "dude it's damn scary weih. Why you give us watch that show la?!??!". Totally priceless la. At first we thought the movie was a p*rn movie because they only have nudity but no gorre or horror stuff happened until 1 hour later =_=" I was bored because I thought everyone would be screaming etc because the movie may be horrifying but turn out that it kinda like, gave me a bad impression.

The original plan was to watch horror movie while playing a game, whoever that scream or have any reaction at all will be forced to drink some alcoholic drink. Failed badly too bad because almost all of them are afraid so, turn out to be a failure lol. Slowly, 1 by 1 people got to go home already.

In the end only 5 people remain at Jing's house to overnight, Lam, Ja, me, Ting Ting and Ying Ying. We played all sorts of games that requires a person to dare. Well I was played by them to the max. It's a dare dare game with whoever that gets the lowest card have to be dared to do something. I'm forced to do a lot of stuff then. Kena the most also me T_T One advice to those people that gives idea to make the game interesting, stop giving ideas now or else you'll get yourself into trouble! I gave way too many ideas and I kept being punished and dared to do stuff. Even proposing to a girl or even calling a girl in the middle of the night like around 1am? Just crazy. We played that until about 4-5 a.m. We had a lot of sketch and also some drinking game as well. Girls were lucky as they never kena a lot =.='' Took a few videos of it. Will post it up later.

Finally fully updated my blog >_< Sorry for the lengthy post.

Christmas Countdown!

Yes! This is the day that I had waited for a long time. The Christmas countdown day that's located at PGRM host by my aunt's church! It's definitely worth your time that I can guarantee. I kinda invited a number of friends dy but only a few can turn up though. Not a lot >_<
They had drama too after that which touches our heart. It's just like real movie and the movie tells you about life. Explains to you about life too. Later on they have fashion events and the countdown for Christmas. Asked Vicky and Wai Han to lend me and Ginny the santa hats, turn out it looks great xD We ran around and made a super duper long line and sang along the Christmas songs! We even went to the stage to sing along too with the singer :P

Then took a few pictures with Han and his Sista xD

You know...this picture looks soooo wrong Han, you're giving others wild imagination!

That's more or less everything for that day. After that me , Ja and Jing should be going for supper with the others but sorry couldn't join you all :( I promise next year we'd be joining with you all having supper together. In the end we had supper near Ja's house and returned to his house to overnight =3 Jing's birthday party will be up soon! Sorry for this super short post.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Double tagged =3

Directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog, you can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

1 : I love basketball
2 : I'm a sentimental person
3 : Love hanging out with Lam, Ja and Jing all the time xD
4 : Spending at least 4-6 hours infront of my comp =3
5 : Story books are meant to be read but mine is left at a corner being piled up
6 : KL boy that knows nowhere else other than KL area
7 : FAG church rocks :D
8 : Chemistry is my favourite past time subject =\
9 : Never had the courage to do anything serious
10 : A big fan of YUI :D
11 : Wish that humans can control time
12 : I spent too much time thinking of facts to be typed here

Random things
1: I had been revealing too many facts
2: Why do we communicate in words and not in other ways?
3: Tagging is way too normal in a blogger's life.
4: How random can random things be?

Tag : Lazy to tag anyone =3

Tagged =\

A. Attached or Single?
Any possibility for being in the middle?

B. Best Friend?
I do have them but not friend but friends :D

C. Cake or pie?
Can I get fat eating both everyday? If so I'd want both!

D. Day of choice?

E. Essential item?
Clothings! =X

F. Favorite colour?
Teal but they don't have it here D:

G. Gummy bears or worms?
...worms? Gummy bears FTW!

H. Hometown
Kay Elle

I. Favorite indulgence?
For me to know and for you to find out :D

J. January or July?
January + July? :D

K. Kids?
Too bad you can't find the word kids in my dictionary =\

L. Life isn't complete without?
Wasting your time doing something crazy =D

M. Marriage date?
I can't predict the future =.=

N. Number of brothers and sisters?
1 sister =\

O. Oranges or apples?

P. Phobias?
every kind of phobia you can think of so, will you help me out now? :D

Q. Quotes?
Just do it!

R. Reasons to smile?
Because smile is the second best thing to do with our lips! Quoted from a picture =3

T. Tag 5 people
1. Ai Sing
2. Sharon
3. Yin Shan
4.Zu Ken

U. Unknown fact about me?
How to know an unknown fact about myself o.O?

V. Vegetable?
Good for health but not in carnivorous people like Jing =3

W. Worst habits?
Observing me would be a good idea to know that.

X. X-ray or Ultrasound?
What are you thinking? I have a baby or something? -_-"

Y. Your favorite type of food?
Pasta FTW!

Z. Zodiac
Search for it =D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Langkawi Trip Day 3 & 4

Nothing much happened on this 2 days other than going to the Underwater World. Took a few pictures only for this 2 days though but after taking pictures on this 2 days. I noticed something similiar. Penguins fever time xD

After walking and taking pictures for a while, we went for the 3d Theater. Well they mentioned that it's 3d but it doesn't seem so. And I learn like...nothing? Other than taking a picture with Pearly Cheah there lol xD

We went to the marine life section and I saw something special ya know...

Look alike?

Finally found something that resembles Ryan when he's acting sick :P Had a few pictures with everyone there too :D

Tried to look emo but failed I guess =\

Now I know Han's true intention, to shoot me down! T.T
Then in the night we search for a better restaurant that is cheap and also filled with nice food and wala we found 1!

The food there is super duper nice. The uncle even gave us free dried dumplings! We took a photo together over there as well. :D

After that we went back to the hotel and played what everyone can think of, our daily activity in the night =\

For the next morning, all of us checked out and went to the mamak to eat. Nasi Lemak there is cheap and well...

She don't mind getting fat and he thinks that she's trying to get fat :D

After that we just went back to the airport. We were early by about 1 hour + so we decided to waste the petrol and if possible, wreck the car lol. We went to a place with no cars around there and tried to drive around. Zy, Han and me get a chance to drive and the car...you can guess it's condition by now when 3 people without license tries to drive it :3 That pretty much is everything for the 4 days in Langkawi.

Langkawi Trip - Day 2

Sorry for not updating my post kinda busy these days =3 As for Day 2, I'd let the pictures do the talking =D Lotsa crazy stuff happened though on that day with my roommates and I lacking of sleep LoL!

Let's start with the morning photo taking session xD At 7 in the morning =3

And on the way back with the car flying at 110km/h, I only managed to take a few pictures of the sun rise though. Pai seh a bit, we went to the wrong beach to check out the sun rise lol. Once we reach the place where we took a picture of everyone together during the sun set, we felt weird why are we there again. Then only we realized that sun rise and sun set will never be at the same place lol. ~_~

Sorry a bit blur lol the car was moving too fast =3

After we had our breakfast, island hopping is our next activity =D

As we are riding the motorboat, my good friend Han go take a few pictures xD

Looks like Ryan sedang syok sendiri there xD

Destination is Beras Bersih Island.

I'm really not sure what is Sharon trying to do, maybe trying to taste the sand o_O?

The island is too boring till we can play this!

Next stop is the Island of Eagles I think that's what they call it

Sorry if you can't really see the eagle clearly, camera not as good as my friend's one =3

And...next stop? Picture will tell you where :D

And we took a few pictures there only though =3

After that we went back to the original place, we had our driver Cheah to drive us and tour along the island xD Went to a lot of places though. Too bad only took a few pictures then using my camera =3

Had our dinner after that at some restaurant near the hotel. Well the food there were so-so and the price is totally the killer on that night. Nothing much happened after that. Wish Vicky will be better :D